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Have you accumulated a significant amount of debt and now you're wondering if you'll ever get it paid off? While using a credit card to consolidate your debt may be the obvious answer, there are actually many benefits in using a Personal Loan to consolidate instead.

Start eliminating stress and managing your debt with these benefits of a Personal Loan.


Pay Off Debt Faster:

Personal Loans have set monthly payments and repayment periods. When you consolidate your debt with a Personal Loan, you'll know exactly when you'll be debt free.

Whereas with a credit card, you only have to make the minimum payment each month. With minimum payments ranging from 3-5% of the balance, this could take years to repay.


Pay Less Interest:

Due to the set time limit to repay the balance of Personal Loans, the interest you pay is limited. However, with a credit card, if you only pay the minimum payments each month, you'll not only take much longer to pay off the balance, you'll be adding more and more interest to your balance each month.

And, often, the interest on Personal Loans is much lower than the high-interest credit cards issued today by stores and banks.


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