Experience the perks of free checking

Free Checking

You’ll most likely access your Checking Account more than any other financial account; often using it daily. That is why choosing the right account is so important. Free Checking continues to disappear at most financial institutions as their profits continue to shrink. However, Tampa Postal FCU is a not-for-profit financial institution and we’re proud to state that our FREE Checking Account will remain exactly that – FREE!

Pile on the Perks!

Your Tampa Postal FCU FREE Checking Account is loaded with all the features you want. Instead of offering a very basic ‘Free’ Checking Account or one lined with hoops you have to jump through to qualify for the ‘Free’ account (commonly seen at other financial institutions), TPCU stands by its promise to offer the best services all the time to all members.  

  • No Monthly Service Fee
  • No Per Check Fee
  • No Monthly Minimum Balance Requirement
  • No Limit on # of Checks or Debit Transactions per Month
  • No Fees to Speak to a Teller
  • Free 24/7 Online Banking
  • Free 24/7 Automated Phone Banking
  • Free Copies of Cleared Checks Online
  • Free Starter Checks
  • Free Debit Card*


*Debit cards require approval by TPCU. Actual card is free. Review your Debit Card disclosure for information on possible charges for usage.

Experience the Convenience of a TPCU Debit Card!

What would a Free Checking Account be without the added convenience of a Debit Card? Tampa Postal’s Debit Card makes shopping a breeze and eliminates the need to carry around large amounts of cash or your checkbook. Just swipe your card, enter your PIN and you’re done. The funds are instantly withdrawn from your TPCU Checking Account.

  • Use your TPCU Debit Card everywhere MasterCard® is accepted (millions of retailers worldwide)
  • Conveniently shop online or over the phone
  • Make cash withdrawals at ATMs or receive ‘Cash Back’ at participating retailers

Apply for your Debit Card when you stop by the Credit Union to open your FREE Checking Account. If you currently have a Checking Account with Tampa Postal FCU, but do not have a Debit Card, request your card by calling 800.782.4899.

Mistakes Happen…That’s Why There’s COURTESY PAY!

Technology today allows for nearly instant processing of checks and debit card transactions. However, sometimes this technology causes members to make honest mistakes when keeping their account balance. To prevent returned checks and insufficient funds fees (often resulting in fees from the retailer you wrote the check to as well) or declined debit card transactions, Tampa Postal FCU will pay the transaction for you (up to $500) for a fee. This service is called Courtesy Pay.

Courtesy Pay...

  • Protects you from NSF returned checks
  • Protects you from merchant returned check charges
  • Protects you from collection agency fees
  • Protects your good credit

Do I Have to Apply for Courtesy Pay?

No. Tampa Postal FCU does not require applications or additional signatures for this beneficial service when paying with a CHECK. As long as you are a member in good standing, which includes having an account with us for at least 60 days, you make regular deposits to your account, bring your account back to a positive balance regularly and there are no legal orders against the account, your Courtesy Pay privilege remains active.

If you would like Courtesy Pay to cover ATM and everyday Debit Card Transactions, please complete the following form.

To learn more about Courtesy Pay and/or see if this service is active on your account, please stop by any branch location or call us at 800.782.4899.